Intermediate Tips
Cool Tutorial: Rolling Stones Inspired Illustration

Check out this fun tutorial from Chris Spooner of Spoon Graphics. (I've drawn this logo so many times, I could draw it with my left foot, standing on my head with my eyes closed!) While this tutorial might be a little "tounge-in-cheek", it also takes you through a few nifty tricks of logo/icon design.

How to Use the Illustrator Pathfinder Palette
Written by Craig Watkins   

Many people find the Pathfinder Palette or Tool in Adobe Illustrator to be a little bit confusing because, if for no other reason, there are so many little buttons and different actions that it can be hard to remember what each one does unless you are using the Pathfinder all the time. While I do use the Pathfinder very often, I find that I tend to use the same actions over and over, so I am reposting this tip (originally posted in October of 2005) as a reference / breakdown of the different Pathfinder Tools in the Pathfinder Palette and what each one does. (Probably mostly as a quick reference for myself, but I hope this post is useful for you too!)

Drawing a Cartoon Face
Written by rdorr   

When assembling a drawing of this type, you need to think in terms of LAYERS.

Creating a Repeating Geometric Pattern  E-mail
Written by ketrinz   

Geometric designs are not straightforward and take a bit of thought to prepare but after creating them they can be repeatedly used.

In this illustration we will create a Gingham pattern.

Making Starbursts Interesting  E-mail
Written by Craig Watkins   

You'll have to create a starburst at least once in your career...

Here's a way to add a little spice!

Inevitably, a client will want you to deface the killer ad you just designed with a starburst. (And expect you to thank them for coming up with the idea!) As a true professional, you will smile and know just the trick to use to keep you from shaming all of your design teachers....

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