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Written by Craig Watkins   

You'll have to create a starburst at least once in your career...

Here's a way to add a little spice!

Inevitably, a client will want you to deface the killer ad you just designed with a starburst. (And expect you to thank them for coming up with the idea!) As a true professional, you will smile and know just the trick to use to keep you from shaming all of your design teachers....

Here are the steps:

The first thing you will want to do is choose the STAR TOOL from your toolbar. 




Make sure you choose a FILL COLOR and a STROKE COLOR.

Next, go to the center of your artboard, hold down SHIFT, click and draw a star. 



With the STAR TOOL still selected, double click somewhere inside your star and a dialogue box will appear. 




Set RADIUS 1 to 1 in and RADIUS 2 to 1.5 in. Set the POINTS to 9 and click OK.

You should end up with something that looks like this: (Delete the original star if it still appears behind your new one)


Next, in your menu bar, go to FILTER>DISTORT>PUCKER & BLOAT and set the value to -40 and click OK



In your STROKE PALETTE, choose a ROUND CAP and a ROUND JOIN. You can also adjust the weight of the stroke here.




Now you can use the BOUNDING BOX (change to the SELECTION TOOL) to stretch out the starburst or rotate it and change the fill and stroke colors according to your needs!


By playing around with the values you enter in the dialogue boxes you can create an endless array of starbursts and other interesting shapes!

Hope you enjoyed the tip!

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