10 Tips to Avoid Designer's Block
Tips to avoid designer's block Great tips from Bill Beachy at Go Media to help you get yourself unstuck and back in the zone if you are burned out or brainstuck and can't seem to get your designs to flow!

Getting stuck with no ideas can be a frigtening experience, especially if you are new to the design game. Bad news is: it still happens to most designers, at least occassionally, no matter how long they've been designing. The key is to have some techniques to fall back on when you recognize that you are indeed "blocked" that will jumpstart your creativity and get you moving in the right direction again. These tips will help you out. Give 'em a try the next time you find yourself stuck and wondering why you can't seem to design all of a sudden!

From the article:

Ever feel like some days you can crank out amazing looking designs with little effort? Then on other days it feels like nothing is working, you’ve lost all your talent and you’ll never make another good design for the rest of your miserable life? Don’t panic – this is natural. It’s like writer’s block, except for designers. It happens to all of us...

Read the full list of tips:

Source: GoMediaZine

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