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Written by Craig Watkins   
gigposters.comIf there is one site on the web I visit almost every day, it's Gigposters is by far my favorite website of them all. For inspiration and for fun. For incredible typography and some of the best visual communication out there.

I'm a music fanatic and I think I first found by doing a Google search on some band. Then I bought a poster I really liked and the rest is history!

Most of the funny stuff I see on the internet comes from Gigposters and believe it or not, on more than one occasion, I have read breaking news on Gigposters before reading it on my Yahoo homepage! You could probably make a case that I spend too much time on the site, and you might be right, but I can never repay, site creator Clay Hayes and the artists who post their work for how much I have learned and been inspired. So thanks!

Inspirational Gig Poster Designs - Part 1

I started making this post months ago and got overwhelmed with how many posters I wanted to highlight (I started with over 400 of my favorites!), so I've decided to break it up and feature the posters I find inspirational in alphabetical order over a series of posts. Where possible, I have linked to the poster artist's websites so if a poster is particularly interesting to you, you can find out more about the artist.

50 Cent Hair Cut

Poster by Von Dada

A Last Goodbye

Poster by Justin LaFontaine

Achtung Spitfire Schnell Schnell!!

Poster by Goetz

Al Green

Poster by Bobby Dixon

The Alice Despard Group

Poster by G Wolf

Alice In Chains

Poster by Jason Goad

Alkaline Trio

Poster by Jay Ryan

American Motherload

Poster by Mike Sullivan

...And You'll Know Us By The Trail of Dead

Poster by Andrio Abero

Poster by The Heads of State


Poster by Electrofork

Apollo Sunshine

Poster by Leia Bell

Arab Strap

Poster by Craig Updegrove

Arc Angels

Poster by Billy Perkins

Architecture In Helsinki

Poster by Eleanor Grosch

Are You In Love WIth Scissors

Poster by Martijn Leenaers

Atomic Bitchwax

Poster by Firehouse


Poster by Attaboy

Bad Religion

Poster by Brian Ewing

Poster by Derek Hess

The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash

Poster by Scrojo

Poster by Scrojo


Poster by Scrojo

Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Poster by Punchgut Studio

The Blasters

Poster by R Black

Bleeding Through

Poster by Donovan Sears

The Doers

Poster by Jesse Ladret

Buckfast Superbee

Poster by Mark Scabossa

Buddy Holly Musicfest

Poster by Dirk Fowler


Poster by Billy Perkins

Poster by Billy Perkins

Poster by Billy Perkins

Fake Swedish

Poster by Ron Liberti

Cash'd Out

Poster by Mark Sgarbossa

Poster by Mark Sgarbossa

Poster by Mark Sgarbossa


Poster by Guy Saggee

Cat Power

Poster by David Brooks

Poster by Tara McPherson


Poster by Tim Huesken


Poster by Christopher Lands (and here!)

Charlie Hunter Trio

Poster by Matthew Terich

Chetley Weise

Poster by Zach Hobbs


Poster by Derek Hess

Chris Whitley

Poster by Scrojo

Amazing. More to come soon.

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