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Written by Craig Watkins   
Easy tutorial on mimicking Photoshop Layer Styles.

This tip came from a client who was trying to achieve a specific look based on this image:



This effect may be easier to accomplish using layer styles in Photoshop, but here's what I would do if you have to do it in Illustrator...

First off, go to FILE and choose PLACE to bring the image into Illustrator. In the LAYERS PALETTE, with the image selected, go to the drop-down menu (small circle with an arrow in it) and choose TEMPLATE. This will dim and lock down the image so you can draw over the top of it if you need to.

Create a new layer to work on.

Type out your text and turn off the FILL color. Give the type a STROKE, set it to the point size you need and color it orange. I'm using a 5pt. stroke.



Now go to EFFECT>STYLIZE>INNER GLOW and a dialogue box will come up. Set the MODE to SCREEN and click on the swatch and change the color to a yellowish color. I had the best luck with the OPACITY set to 75% and the BLUR to 0.04. (Check PREVIEW to see the effect as you are making your adjustments.)



Now copy the text and paste in front. EDIT>COPY then EDIT>PASTE IN FRONT.


You then need to make the stroke smaller and adjust the glow. Zoom in and in the APPEARANCE PALETTE, double-click on the EFFECT icon (circle with an "f" in it) to adjust the INNER GLOW. I used 4pt. and set the BLUR to 0.03.



Now copy and paste in front again. In the APPEARANCE PALETTE, click and drag the effect icon to the trash can at the bottom of the palette to remove the INNER GLOW.

Change the STROKE color to a brighter yellow and make the stroke smaller. I used 1pt.



To create the dark outline, copy and send to the back. EDIT>COPY then OBJECT>ARRANGE>SEND TO BACK.

Change the STROKE color to black and the increase the STROKE until it peeks out from behind the text. 6pt. in this example.



For the highlight effect, create a starburst or draw your own and the repeat the same steps you used for the text!



From this point, place your background image and use a CLIPPING MASK to fill the type with an image.

NOTES: You can apply this technique around objects you create as well!

If you are sending the artwork to an outside artist or vendor, you will probably want to CREATE OULINES for the fonts. (TYPE>CREATE OUTLINES) and EXPAND the artwork. (OBJECT>EXPAND).

Try to avoid backsaving (saving to a lower version of Illustrator) if possible.

I hope you enjoyed the tip!

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