Go Media Inc.

Name: Go Media
Location: Cleveland, OH, USA
Occupation: Design Studio serving entertainment industry clients.
Years in Business: 10

Web URL: www.gomedia.us

Featured Clients: Metallica, Stone Sour, Evanesence, Avenged Sevenfold, Killswitch Engage, Atticus Clothing, Strhess Clothing


Go Media is a Cleveland, Ohio based full service design firm that is proud to infuse traditional design principles with the energy and innovation born from the x-generation. Always professional service. Always exciting design. Specializing in entertainment industry design, but can make any client happy.

Jeff Finley
Jeff graduated with a B.S. in Media Arts & Animation from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2004. Prior to Go Media, Jeff worked as a freelance web and graphic designer for the music industry doing merch design, poster art, and websites for the punk and hardcore scene. He also makes electronic music under the alias BOXOMYLK.

Bill Beachy
Bill graduated from The Ohio State University with a BS in Industrial Design with a focus on visual communication.

Bill’s father’s side of the family is Amish. He once had a piece of art shot into outer space. He loves bowling with a passion and maintains a 200 average in his current league.

Dave Tevenal
Dave has spent the better part of his life visually dissecting and reassembling his surroundings through art. If he doesn’t like the pretty picture, you can bet your last dollar he’ll change it.

Dave's areas of expertise at Go Media are Illustration, Graphic and Web Design. His secret diet is Ramen Noodles and eggs. At least once, every day.




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